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Email is an ancient thing, it was born much longer before the Internet.

The first email system was born in 1965 at MIT. At that time email communication was limited within the boundaries of a single mainframe, those huge and very expensive and delicate multi-user computers that occupied entire air-conditioned rooms and required continuous supervision.

In 1971, the first transmission of an email between connected computers happened. It was a small step for a single email, but a first huge step for humankind.

In 1982, the SMTP protocol was born, this is the protocol we still use today to exchange email on the internet. …


Lots of differences, actually.

An email backup is a snapshot of a specific point in time, it’s purpose is for recovery in case of a disaster. Email archiving does not archive a series snapshots but it preserves all data history. The purpose of the archiver is much broader: discovery, compliance, legal, search, analysis and for regulatory and policy obligations.

For example: emails that have been sent or received and then deleted before the backup has been taken, are not available while they are present in the email archiver. Every email enters the email archiver in real time, as soon it is transmitted or received, and frozen there. …

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There is a big illicit business out there and it’s driven by a simple old trick: deception.
Deception is at the base of many online black and gray activities, from click baiting to ransomware.

Pair deception with email and what you get is email phishing.
The target of e-mail phishing campaigns is inducing the victim to perform an action at the advantage of the attacker. It’s as simple as this.

In order to induce you to perform an action against your own interest, the attacker uses the following deception tools:
– a message that grabs your attention
– a sense of urgency
– a…


Rodolfo Saccani

Rodolfo Saccani manages research and development in Libraesva, a security company. Rodolfo Saccani is also free flight safety officer in FIVL.

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